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“Sport has the power to change the world… It has the power to inspire and unite people in a way that little else does.” Nelson Mandela (2000)


We believe that sport can be a force for good in the world and so we are passionate about helping athletes, teams and sporting organisations to fulfil their potential. We have worked with some of the world’s best athletes and coaches, from the intensity of the training pitch to the pressure of Olympic and World Cup Finals. We are passionate about helping you understand how your mind works best under pressure and how to create approaches and environments that help people thrive.

Looking for affordable mental skills training to help athletes maximise their potential in sport and in life? Find out more about our approach here

Expertise Offered


  • Enhancing individual and team performance

  • Creating and sustaining a culture for high performance

  • Developing and supporting coaches 

  • Strengthening coach-athlete relationships

  • Developing leaders

  • Enhancing well-being 

  • Maximising training gains

  • Delivering under pressure

  • Talent identification

  • Psychological aspects of injury rehabilitation

  • Interdisciplinary team dynamics and practices 

  • Planning for and adapting to retirement

  • Mentoring sport psychologists


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