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Remi Mobed
Physiotherapist Consultant


One of the UK’s leading musculoskeletal physiotherapists, Remi’s passion lies in rehabilitation and performance. Through this passion, he has worked at the highest level with elite sports teams all around the world for over 15 years. 


These teams have included working with England Football and England Rugby through some of their most successful chapters in recent history. He has also been the lead physio at major competitions including Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Cup tournaments. Remi has consulted with Major League Baseball, The Lawn Tennis Association, Australian Rules Football and once ran away with the circus, travelling the world for three years with the awe inspiring Cirque Du Soleil. 


With this amount of experience, there isn’t much Remi hasn’t dealt with. 


On moving in to full time consultancy Remi comments, “I have been fortunate enough to know, work and learn from some of the best practitioners, coaches and athletes in the world and for this life experience I’ll be forever grateful. I now hope to bring that unique experience to others whilst still managing to consult with sports teams on a part time basis. The Prime Clinic gives me a chance to do that as well as begin a new journey along a different path.”

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Katie Warriner
Psychologist Consultant


Katie is one of the UK’s leading Performance Psychologists, working behind the scenes and on the big stage with some of the world’s best athletes, leaders and organisations. From the sports field to the boardroom, the helicopter pad to the operating theatre, Katie helps people train the mindset skills and practices essential to thriving under pressure. Her clients include CEOs, Olympic Champions, educational leaders and world-record holders.


She has been embedded in Olympic sports for the last decade, supporting many of our most successful athletes at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She also coaches global business leaders to enhance performance and help people thrive. Through her work with the educational charity, 21st Century Legacy, she has helped over 250,000 young people build resilience to thrive at school and in life. Above all, Katie is passionate about supporting people to develop the mindset skills and practices required to be the best they can be.

In co-founding the Prime Clinic, Katie says “above all, I am passionate about helping people understand themselves, create a life of meaning and purpose and pursue their dreams. It’s a joy to join forces with my husband, Remi and do our best to make a difference in the world.”



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